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Naar het meubelen overzicht

Very exclusive pure Jugendstil-Art Nouveau armchair

Size: 70 br. / 85 d. / 70 h.

– Eyecatcher! Not available anywhere else!
– Pure Art Nouveau 1910-1920
– *With TLC completely renovated and newly furnished (18 hours of work) ready for next generation (s)
– Thick AA class antique sheep leather (New Zealand)
– Exclusive beautiful “burned brandy” color pattern (multicolor and natural)
– Sheep leather never feels sticky or cold
– Trunk is made of solid French oak with beautiful carvings
– Relaxed Lay back comfort (lounge) ….. despite small size, a very complete comfort!
– Armchair with investment value

– With our own showroom and what you see is what you get!
– With our own studio and upholstery
– 20 years experience in high-end
– No “furniture farming practices”