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Very exclusive original MEMPHIS JAZZ armchair

Very exclusive original MEMPHIS JAZZ armchair

Size: 95 w. / 95 d. / 75 h

– Absolutely ONE OF A KIND!
– Year of construction around 1890-1900
– Fully restored and re-upholstered (35 hours work)
– Solid oak trunk + horsehair shaped (manual)
– Upholstered with the thickest selection of sheep leather
– New Zealand sheep leather class 1
– Great lounge-comfort
– Rich natural color color pattern (hand-patinated)
– Absolutely no 2nd one to find; eyecatcher first class (to stay with you)

– With our own showroom and what you see is what you get!
– With our own workshop and upholstery
– 20 years of work experience in the highest market segment
– No furniture farmer practices