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Superb real original Chesterfield wingchair

Superb real original Chesterfield wingchair
Size: 80 br x 90 d x 110 h

– Old original castle-chair button down full of padded
– Thick cow leather in exclusive burned brandy color with beautiful color nuances / patinee
– Natural leather with soft touch / grip
– Not artificially printed or varnished
– Traditionally made of beech trunk filled with horsehair
– Chesterfield with fantastic appearance
– Matched in both modern and classic / country interior
– Spacious comfort
– Very exclusive! (no copy on copy from China but authentic English)

– With our own showroom and what you see is what you get!
– With our own workshop and upholstery
– 20 years of work experience in the highest market segment
– 20 to 40% of the original price