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Fantastic style-pure Amsterdam School armchair 1910

Fantastic style-pure Amsterdam School armchair 1910

Size: 70 w / 80 d / 70 h

– Collectors items with investment value (the only one in the Netherlands + Europe)
– Would not be out of place in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam or Het Schip in Amsterdam
– Architecture: Amsterdam School 1910 with beautiful “clear” lines
– Traditionally made of solid cherry wood with coromandel wood accents
– Fully restored and upholstered in our own workshop
– Made in the thickest selection AA class sheep leather from New Zealand (ready for future generations)
– AA class sheep leather! (2x thicker than the usual offer !!!!!!!)
– Spacious comfort! (despite small dimensions)
– When you purchase, you will receive the correct care product

– With our own showroom and what you see is what you get!
– With our own workshop and upholstery
– 20 years of work experience in the highest market segment