Our showroom has moved from Amsterdam to Putten. We are working by appointment at the moment.
Naar het meubelen overzicht

2 old original English Club Armchairs in thick antique sheep leather

Size: 75 w / 85 d / 80 h

– Thick waxed sheep leather
– Nature Genuine Leather (feels super soft and never cold and / or sticky)
– Club Armchairs with character in beautiful bright colors: cognac / caramel, light cherry / light chestnut
– Matching in both modern and classic / country style
– Relaxed Lounge comfort
– Possible with matching hocker/ottoman (see the site)

– With our own showroom and what you see is what you get!
– With our own studio and upholstery
– 20 years experience in high-end
– 20 to 40% of the original price